Each client has their own vision. FYI Brand Communications is here to bring that vision to life and make it a reality by tailoring programs and services to each individual. FYI Brand Communications provides the following “across the board” services.


Personal Publicity

Through our long-standing, positive relationships with key editors in print, online and electronic media, we are able to strategically place our clients in the forefront of trends in all areas of popular culture. FYI Brand Communications provides customized, detailed press plans with unique pitch angles to target media outlets, ranging from national to niche publications. We capitalize on all angles of a client’s product or service in order to garner press within multiple sections, including features, profiles, shopping guides and celebrity mentions.

Sponsorships & Endorsements

FYI Brand Communications has the ability to fuse corporate and creative interests in order to pursue sponsorship and endorsement opportunities for our clients’ brands. For both brands and talent, we initiate mutually beneficial relationships that function as a natural extension of the client and corporate brand. FYI Brand Communications works to bridge these meaningful connections among brands, charities and special events to effect endorsements, promotional ventures, licensing deals and other marketing initiatives.

Entertainment &
Brand Strategies

FYI Brand Communications utilizes creative and strategic public relations and marketing techniques to develop multi-tiered programs that are customized to meet the specific objectives of each client, ranging from brand awareness with key demographics to boosting sales. We are passionate about providing relevant solutions for our clients with targeted campaigns and outreach programs that keep our clients top-of-mind. Our capabilities include brand launches, event press, event production, sponsorships, media and product placement and more.


Film, TV & DVD
Release Campaigns

From indie theaters in Greenwich Village to the international stages at Cannes, FYI Brand Communications is able to create and execute effective film, tv and dvd campaigns which strike a cord with their target demographics. We promote all aspects of the project in order to create a positive “buzz” and word of mouth about our clients, employing grassroots and mainstream events including film festivals, fashion shows, movie premieres, award shows, celebrity shopping lounges, and press junkets

Marketing & Creative Branding

FYI Brand Communications recognizes the importance of brand identity and integrity and therefore approaches marketing as an integral component of any client program. We take pride in fashioning our clients as trendsetters and tastemakers who rise above the competition due to our meticulous attention of the marketplace. Making use of competitive analyses, market research and promotional opportunities, we are able to provide a comprehensive marketing plan that coincides with and supports our public relations goals and tactics.

Corporate Communications

Each client has their own vision. FYI Brand Communications is here to bring that vision to life and make it a reality by tailoring programs and services are to each individual. FYI Brand Communications provides the following “across the board” services.


Music Representation

From emerging artists to pop culture sensations, FYI Brand Communications has a proven track record of building name recognition, strengthening artists’ reputation and reinvigorating established fame to make our clients household names. We are involved in all aspects of public relations and marketing of the music business, including album launches, video releases and online streaming in order to build public and industry awareness as well as a loyal fan base.

Special Events

FYI Brand Communications specializes in delivering premium event planning to all clients. FYI performs all aspects of the event planning and execution, including luxury gift bags, celebrity red carpet wrangling and press coverage. Our relationships with media elite, celebrities and socialites provide the best faces in attendance to events that will create buzz and garner press for our client.

FYI Brand Communications specializes in on-site, media coordination, event production and coordination of celebrity attendance for fashion shows, record release parties, movie screenings + premieres, Product launches, editor events, in-store events, tours, press conferences etc.

Network Extension &
Media Relations

At FYI Brand Communications, we believe in communication and connection. Our proven relationships with key members of the media, celebrities and socialites are integral components of our public relations and marketing campaign. We initiate personal relationships between the media about our clients, ensuring that they are more than just a face and a name.


Celebrity Branding

Celebrity brand association is one of the most effective ways to increase awareness of both the product and celebrity personality. Therefore, FYI Brand Communications utilizes our firm relationships with top celebrities and personalities in order to pair them with brands that create mutual beneficial opportunities. We can bring your brand to light at high-profile award shows, film premieres, charity events and other exclusive venues by showcasing which celebrities love and use your products.

Cause Marketing

FYI Brand Communications manages partnerships between corporations and non-profit organizations that will serve the best benefit of each party. Through these relationships, we are able to increase awareness of a philanthropic cause through the resources of a corporation, while aligning a corporation with a cause that suits their image.

Experiential Event Marketing

FYI Brand Communications brings brands to life at experiential events. We specialize in activating at pop culture happenings such as American Music Awards, NY Fashion Week, SXSW, Coachella, MTV VMA’s etc. that are attended by tastemakers, influencers, and celebrities and ensure optimal brand presence and product engagement.